Friday, June 20, 2014

My other history related articles

Here are links to other articles I have written for Ancient Warfare. 

This was the original presentation of the crowd-othismos.  As you can see in the last article this concept has matured.

I compiled all the evidence I could find for both Linen and Leather as the material used in the "linothorax." 

This was a labor of love.  An article on Xanthippus of Sparta whose leadership halted the advance of a nascent Rome and left a lesson for Hannibal on how to destroy a Roman army. 

'Regulus' demise'. Illustrated by Carlos de la Rocha and Igor Dzis.

The fate of nations is often decided on battlefields and the course of battles may be decided before they are fought by the tactical genius of great generals. History's foremost military commanders led their people to conquest or fought to stave off being conquered. They fought as usurpers or championed freedom and spread ideologies. Rarely in history have leaders altered the course of history solely for that purest of motives: profit. Xanthippus of Sparta was one such man.

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Ray Devlin said...

Brilliant. Thanks for highlighting these other articles you've written. I look forward to getting my hands on your Xanthippus piece.

PS A controversial stance (which I have time for) is that the Roman Republic *cough*empire*cough* set back technological/scientific progress by at least 1000 years -- all those Greeks slaughtered/conquered! This argumet is outlined in Terry Jones' Barbarians (the book).